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My name is Jordan Kincaid and I am the founder of the FinSense Lab personal finance blog. The goal of FinSense Lab is to provide visitors to the site with quality financial articles, research, and information that will empower them to improve their life through better financial decision-making.

I am a working professional with a family who, like many other people, leads a fairly busy life and am always looking for easy-to-implement, common sense, and strategic ways to improve the financial outlook of myself and my family.

I created FinSense Lab as a way to pass along the quality nuggets of information that I find in my many hours of research and testing of different personal finance domains, including budgeting and money management, investing, debt management, real estate, and retirement planning, all in an effort to move closer to living a life of financial independence to retire early (FIRE).

The content provided on FinSense Lab follows a few core values that I think are important for anyone looking to improve their personal financial position in life, including increasing income, reducing costs, and reducing the amount of time spent actively making money.

If improving your personal financial position in life is important to you, I encourage you to take some time to look through the FinSense Blog as I truly believe that the content provided can change your financial life for the better.